How does it work ?
The information required from the current owner of the artwork for documenting and granting the certificate are:

1- Owner name
2- Phone number
3- E-mail, if any
4- Country
5- How did you got the artwork
6- Date of your acquisition of the artwork

Artwork information:
1- A high-resolution image of the artwork, front and back.
2- A high-resolution image of the Artist signature.
3- Measurements of the artwork without a frame.

Certification Method:

After receiving all requested information, we study the attached images and compare them with our database. Based on the information available and the family's experience with the works of the artist Nazir Ismail, we issue the certificate, or we request some images and information that help us make the decision of granting.
The current owner information is stored along with the artwork's image, details and date of certification in our database.
The certificate of authenticity is issued in the name of the current owner. Artwork image and information of the artwork with a special code of 10 characters are included.

At any time, you can access the official website of the artist Nazir Ismail and verify the certificate by entering its code.

Only the image and information of the artwork will be displayed without displaying the name or personal information of the owner.

The certificate of authenticity for the artworks of Nazir Ismail is free.

By issuing this certificate, the family aims to preserve the legacy of the artist, and to archive his works around the world.

Therefore, we hope to send high-resolution images in a suitable position for the artwork in order to achieve this goal.

The stories told by the people who visited the artist in his studio in Damascus or who met him in his exhibitions or private meetings increase our love and pride in his legacy and the impact that he left for us, so do not spare the details and share it with us, and if his smile was made in a picture of you, send it to us if you like.

Nazir has touched the soul of every one of us by being in our lives and thoughts.

He will be remembered through his legacy for a long time to come.

Thank you all,

Nazir Ismail’s Family

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Please send us your information and the artwork picture in high resolution with dimensions to

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